Epoch of Appearance By Ali Korani

The English version of the book
"Asr-e- Zohoor" or Epoch of the Appearance" by Ali Korani"

اللهم عجل لوليك الفرج و العافية و النصر واجعلنا من خير انصاره و اعوانه والمستشهدين بين يديه

بارالها باقيمانده غيبت وليت رابه پهلوي شكسته مادرش فاطمه زهرا سلام الله عليها ببخشا


كتاب عصر ظهور          نوشته علي كوراني

( Epoch of Appearance ) by Ali Korani


The book mostly contains the events before and during the appearance of the world's saver, Imam Mahdi (AS), May Allah accelerates his appearance for the sake of his noble mother "Fatemeh Al-Zahra(AS)". Amen

 Notice : this translation has not been verified yet by the author but it Under Consideration .

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